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What Parents Are Saying:

I couldn’t let another day pass without letting you know how amazing you are, and how proud you should be for the commitment, passion and depth you bring to your students, our children, and their education!!! I am more in awe each time the students perform with your leadership. Last night’s performance had more depth and soul than most people could ever hope their child will ever experience, and to be exposed to your level of talent at such young ages is an experience worth far more than money can buy.  Thank you!

Cheryl Sulpizio

I have been meaning to email you. Thank you for letting me be a part of this production.  I have raised children, run a multi-million dollar company and traveled the world, but being part of a production, on stage, dancing and performing, was truly a life highlight.

You are an incredible individual, producer, talent, and choreographer. Even bigger than that, you give some much to our community and children.  Please keep being exactly who you are!

Christine Ioannides

I’ve gotta share the love… What an awesome show - Extremely Entertaining!
  And I thought you should know you’ve got Kira hooked! She said she wants to perform with you forever AND, because of you, she wants to be a professional dancer!

  One of the most precious gifts we can give one another is inspiration. Not only do you personally “inspire” people, you are showing others how to do the same!!!!!  Thank you!!!

Joss & Diana Hudson

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Taylor Productions is a company whose mission is to build confidence, self-esteem, and musicianship into youth and adults within the community utilizing a comprehensive range of the Performing Arts discipline.

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